Napoleon Bankruptcy Attorney Scott France

Napoleon Bankruptcy Attorney Scott France

Welcome!  Congratulations on taking the first step towards your financial fresh start!!    We are bankruptcy attorneys located just west of Napoleon, Ohio.  Proudly serving the bankruptcy needs of residents throughout Henry County and all of Northwestern Ohio,  our local bankruptcy attorneys are here to assist you.

Let us show you why we believe that we are worth the modest drive to Toledo, Ohio.  A simple drive westbound on US-24 and northbound US-23, we are located just off the West Central Avenue exit.  Many people have already discovered the benefits of working with our bankruptcy attorneys, click on this link for a sample of our actual bankruptcy client reviews.

All new clients begin with a FREE initial office consultation.  Our local bankruptcy attorneys will carefully asses your unique situation and discuss your options with you. Honesty and professionalism are hallmarks of our law practice and each client can expect personalized attention.  Client amenities include free onsite parking, close to TARTA bus line, elevator on premises, clean and modern law office, beautiful and safe exterior surroundings, and a friendly staff who strive to exceed your expectations.

Already well respected in the Napoleon bankruptcy attorney community, call us if you are facing foreclosure, garnishment, mounting debts,  medical collections, creditor phone calls, vehicle repossession, or other financial stresses. Your fresh start begins here!!

10 Warning Signs: 

Should I Consider A Bankruptcy Attorney?

  1. France-Law-Group Toledo Ohio AttorneyConsidering debt consolidation
  2. Lost control of your finances
  3. Making minimum credit card payments
  4. Creditor phone calls
  5. Creditor lawsuits
  6. Utility shut off notices
  7. Wage garnishments
  8. Home foreclosure
  9. Large medical debt
  10. Growing financial stress!


Free Consultation. Bankruptcy Attorney. Napoleon, Ohio

Call Today (419) 725-9300  

Office Hours:  Mon thru Thurs 9am to 5pm; Fri 9am to 1pm (evenings by appt)

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Napoleon Bankruptcy Attorney, Scott France, on WTOL Channel 11.

Bankruptcy attorney Scott France (above photo:  far right) is a frequent guest on local newscasts for both WTOL Channel 11 and WUPW Fox Toledo.

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  • Eliminate medical debt
  • Stop home foreclosures
  • End creditor calls and collections
  • Wipe out credit card debt
  • Stop wage garnishments

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